Sugar Mummy In Lagos Seeking Serious Man To Be With

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437xHello Admin,

I praise you and your works. It is really a good job. I am not sure how you are using this to make a living but I hope you are either earning a lot or you will soon start. Please all I can tell you is to keep it up. I can not say how long you will be here but I pray for you that it wll be a very long time.

My name is Jumoke and I base in Lagos. I am a business woman. I have been trading for a very long time and I am blessed enough to even be a consultant. I love what I do and I have had the pleasure of travelling to different places to trade. Due to the nature of my job, I have been to so many places. I hadly have free time but when I do get one, I spend it watching home videoes and playing board games like ludo.

I need someone who will be serious with me. I need someone who is very entertaining. I need someone who is cute and funny. Someone who wll make me feel special. I need someone who can be caring. Please I only need someone serious and he must be working.

I am sorry I don’t do the Facebook thing and I can not drop my number here. I love my sleep and my phone but I can drop my mail. You can write me a mail and I will get back to someone I love what he writes to me as soon as possible.

Thank you Admin for the wonderful job. Please keep it up

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